What are these stories about?

During my travels and my projects I meet people who inspire and move me. I want to give these people the opportunity to show their story on my website. It is important that they share their stories for other people to know what happens around the project. Also it shows why the project is important.

Dr. Bahja Mohammed – doctor born and raised in Gaza.

It was early winter I first met Elise, Denise and Maartje. They have crossed seas to come to Gaza in order to make a survey about Palestinian Refugees children to spread awareness through the whole world about Palestinians and their daily life struggles. Our first meeting was in Gaza beach. I've seen the people who come to greet them, even though those people don't know who they are . Especially Elise with her smile which didn't disappear at all, and I have seen how happy Gazan citizens, who were coincidentally on the beach, were to meet foreigners.

All those feelings made me feel refreshed and glad, I do like to make new foreigners' friendships. I'm happy that Elise and I became good friends. Elise is about my age so we come along together sharing the same feelings and ideas.
I am 27 years old I have been living in Gaza since I was born. I have been a witness on several sad events because of the Israeli daily violence. I have faced many obstacles during my life, even when I travelled to continue my study. I faced this obstacles during going and coming to and from Egypt. I have to spent more than 16 hours on the border to pass it and I was forced not to come back Gaza and see my family for two years.
Palestinians are being violated, unjustified and imprisoned for no reason. Israeli wars keep striking on Gaza every year or two maybe.
Palestinians keep retrying to collect themselves after every war.
Memories keep vanishing every time your house is bombed. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders have a highly prevalence among children in Gaza. Kids face horrible nightmares and they can't tolerate what they have seen happening to their mother, father or any one in their families.

Many of children dreamed to be the best football players in the world but as soon as their legs were amputated by the Israeli air strikes, their dreams fainted.
Patients suffer every single day lack of medicine; ill equipped hospitals and so many problems than can deteriorate their situation. It might be a simple injury, but due to this lack it gets worse and more complicated.
Sympathy for Gaza is shown through protests and donations around the world. Unfortunately the donations can't help the damage that structured the whole city. Complete areas are demolished and currently they are nothing but rubble.. More than 285 families have fainted, more than 2,385 houses are completely smashed and 13,644 are particularly damaged that can't be lived. The fire is cease and all are return back to their own normal life except those who lost everything they have and become homeless and disabled.

I hope you put this subject in your consideration and to donate as soon as possible.

Ilka Mestdag – organiser fundraising evening ‘Geef om Gaza’

Ik heb Elise nog maar heel kort geleden ontmoet. Ik zeg altijd toeval bestaat niet, en ik ben blij dat ik haar ben tegengekomen. Het was bij een wederzijdse vriend op Facebook, ik was mezelf nogal behoorlijk druk aan het maken, en daar was Elise die alles heel kalm aan het uitleggen was, dat zij dus binnenkort zou vertrekken naar Gaza. Ik stuurde haar direct een vriendschapsverzoek, en zij accepteerde die. Ze stuurde mij een brief die ging over geldinzameling, ik voelde mij direct enorm betrokken bij Elise en besloot om een benefietconcert te organiseren in het poppodium waar ik werk. Wat heel grappig was, was dat Elise ook heel lang in Terneuzen heeft gewoond, en vrij veel kwam in het vorige poppodium. Elise vond het een fantastisch idee, en zo begon het... Na toestemming van het bestuur, hadden we nog maar 10 dagen om alles te organiseren.. Wat natuurlijk eigenlijk bijna niet te doen is, maar ik had mezelf er hardnekkig in vastgebeten. Voor de bands was het eigenlijk geen enkele moeite om die gratis te laten komen, veel mensen leven echt mee met Gaza, en wat daar allemaal aan de hand is. We hadden 4 bands en 2 Dj's. Ik kan achteraf terugkijken op een zeer geslaagde avond. En Elise heeft een heel speciaal plekje in mij hart veroverd. Ik heb ontzettend veel respect voor haar en ik hoop dat we nog lang vriendinnen blijven!