Naeeda Aurangzeb

Naeeda Aurangzeb (Abbottabad (Pakistan), 4 januari 1974)[1] is een Nederlands televisiepresentatrice, werkzaam voor de NTR. Aurangzeb kwam naar Nederland in haar derde levensjaar, studeerde Communicatie & Management en is woonachtig in Amsterdam. Zij heeft gewerkt voor de Migranten Omroep Rotterdam, NCRV, NMO en Omroep West. Voor de NTR presenteerde ze het televisieprogramma De Halve Maan[2] en het Radio 1-programma Lijn 1.


Join us the 9th of August for an evening with delicious Palestinian food, music, poetry and an art auction.

Program presented by Naeeda Aurangzeb (known from radio and television)
• Lectures
- Nupur Kohli (doctor, author and TEDx speaker) about stress and disease in war areas
- Joes Meens (doctor and co-founder of Kifaia) about his work in Gaza.
• Music:
- Zaid Tayem on his 3oud
• Poetry from Abdel Yousfi
• Short movie about the work of PMRS in Gaza shot in fall 2014
• Art Auction
• Henna painting

* Entree
- Burek (pastry filled with spinach & cheese & fresh herbs & garlic)
* Main
- Vegetarian kibbe (fried bulgur & lentil croquettes)
- Pita
- Salatat (salad: tomato & cucumber & chilis & onion & parsley)
- Yoghurt with mint & pomegranate
* Dessert
- Kunafa (vermicelli with rose flavoured cream)
- Cheesecake surprise
- And as tradition commands: dates

***possible allergenic components***
gluten, milk/lactose, egg, sesame, nuts

Tickets can be achieved by signing up at the following link:

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Prices Charity

Prices: - before August 9th : 15 euro - at the door: 20 euro Last year (the 8th of July) Israel started a military operation against Gaza. On the Palestinian side more than 2100 people died and more than 10.000 Palestinians got wounded. Also 17.000 buildings were demolished, and from this amount only a few buildings are rebuild. Due to these amounts of wounded the pressure on the healthcare increased. Not only during the conflict there was a shortage of supplies and medical workers. After the war it became clear how much people need life time medical care as a result of their wounds. The aftermath of the war is still present in Gaza. For this reason it is even more important that good medical care is continued. One of the NGOs which provides medical care for a small fee in Gaza is The Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). Last January Support Global Health visited two of the clinics. The first clinic was a clinic for diabetic foot care and it also contained the most advanced laboratory of Gaza. The second clinic was a pediatric clinic, with doctors but also a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. In both clinics it was remarkable how motivated and able the employers were. It is important to maintain this care, and for this they need money. The money of the fundraising afternoon goes to PMRS. Do not wait too long with reserving your seat, we only have limited spots!

Previous Projects

In June 2014 the conflict between Israel and Palestine caught fire again. The conflict is an ongoing story since the 1960s. On 30 June Israel launched rockets on the south of the Gaza strip. From then on rockets were launched from both sides. On the 8th of July Israel launched Operation Defense Forces. A ground offensive from the Israeli side started on July the 17th. Despite a few cease fires the war continued until August the 25th when Hamas and Israel agree on a long-term deal. During the war on the Palestine side a total of 2.142 people were killed, most of them civilians including more than 490 children. A total of 69 people were killed on the Israeli side, most of them soldiers.

Due to this violence, over 200.000 Palestinians are displaced within Gaza. During 2014 1.8 million Palestinians live in the small Gaza strip, which is only approximately 45 by 14 kilometres long. The war has levelled complete neighbourhoods with the ground, but not only homes where shelled. Also hospitals in the Gaza strip were hit by Israeli fire. With thousands wounded the pressure on the healthcare in Gaza is sky high. Hospitals ran out of medicines and medical devices.

Money inside the Gaza Strip has only limited value, so sending money to Gaza for help is not convenient. This is why I started this project to collect money which I will give to an organization in Egypt which will buy medicines and medical devices. The medicines will be transported to Gaza under the supervision of the organization. I also want to do some voluntary work to support the Palestine patients. If possible I want to reach Gaza to work in either a hospital or with kids. A lot of kids are traumatized the rest of their lives by the horrible things they have been through. By organizing fun days it helps them to forget for a little while.

Why we need your support

The war has ended on August the 25th, but this does not mean that the problems ended too. With the destruction of the infrastructure all organisations face problems in the delivery of supplies. The need for medicines and medical devices is high.

This is why we need your support. Medicines bought in Egypt can be transported towards Gaza, where they will be given to local hospitals. The transport will be guided by medical doctors who will also enter Gaza. In this way they make sure the medicines will arrive safely at their destination.

Support can be given if you click on the link ‘Donate’ above. This page gives some suggestions for donation but you are free to give what you want. We appreciate all gifts. Please note that all the money will be used for medicines and medical devices. Travels and living are being paid by myself.

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