Who am i?

I am a 28 year old, globally oriented medical student who becomes enthusiastic of topics in many fields. I love to read articles about cultural differences especially in the medical field. When I attended the minor Cultural Anthropology I tried to go into sexual and reproductive rights and the Middle East. During my medical education I realised how important global health is. This was the reason that I enrolled for the minor Global Health. They introduced me to global health issues and I realized how much energy I get from this topic. To make things more easy in the Middle East I started learning Arabic, unfortunately I’m still a beginner in the beautiful language. I got the opportunity to work with UNRWA (United Nations for Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East). They showed me how global health issues are implemented in their daily care for Palestine refugees. While working with refugees I realizes how vulnerable they are, and this made me more interested in human rights.

Last year I also started working with IFMSA. This organisation consists of medical students who want to make an effort for global health. The organisation is working in 130 countries and the projects are mostly locally, but also exchanges between countries are realized. I am learning a lot from this student organisation which operates as a professional cooperation!

Why we build this site

This website is built with a few aims: first of all to collect more money and unite people who want to support my projects. The second aim is to keep people updated about the projects and how their money is used. Also, during my first project I got a lot of media attention. My trip to Egypt and Gaza (if possible) was seen a very dangerous trip. People were asking me how they could follow me and everybody was asking me to take care. With this website I want to inform people how I am doing and what I am doing. The last aim of my website is that I want to share personal stories, my stories and experiences, but also of the people I meet. I invite everybody with an interesting story to write something. I believe that a lot of people want to give humanitarian help, but that they do not like to donate money to a big organisation. My projects are different and I am always willing to talk and discuss issues around my projects.

During the preparations of the trip I spoke with a lot of people who wanted to help me. I always said to people that I could use help, they could give money or use their own skill to support me. That is how Nicholas and I decided to build a website: my responsibility is the content and Nicholas is taking care of the lay out and the updates of the website. I am very grateful to meet so many people who are willing to help me. Without support this would not be possible. With this website it becomes more easy to get in touch with others who want to support.