This website is created to raise awareness about the public health and to support people obtain and maintain the best health possible. The power of this initiative is supported by the fact that the projects are small-scale and personal. All the donated money goes for health projects. This website provides reports about the various projects that shall be in action. The reports are also intended to raise awareness through personal experiences shared by myself and people I have meet during my journey. At the moment, I am a clinical intern in different hospitals around Amsterdam and I shall graduate as a doctor in June 2016, after which, my goal would be to work for an agency dealing with global health issues.

My current objective

Global health is becoming a hot topic, and the term is readily used in various health projects worldwide. But what does the term endorse? The World Health Organization (WHO) states: ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Health is a global issue and everyone wishes to be as healthy as possible. How is this achieved, differs from one culture to another as well as it differs from one individual to the next. Two different movements interested in health are public health and global health. Public health focuses on preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health by stimulating society, communities and individuals to make the right choices. The science and practices of global health also aims to improve public health. The difference between both terms is that while public health focuses on developing nations, global health is concerned about worldwide health improvement as well as achieving equity in health for people all around the globe. Many internationally significant organizations are involved in global health such as: the WHO, the United Nations (UN), the World Food Program (WFP) and the World Bank.

My current objective is to set up small global health projects. The projects will be coordinated by myself and people I like to work with because they add something to the society. My first project started in July 2014 with collecting money for medical aid in Gaza during the war. The money was given to an organization which bought cheap medicines and it was transported to Gaza. The second aim is to raise awareness about global health problems. I want to give people the opportunity to help within their own possibilities so that they feel more connected with the issues. At the moment I collect clothes for Syria and I am organizing a fundraising afternoon for medical aid in Gaza.

Support us! You can make a difference!

Funds are a critical matter as the projects can not be done without money at hand. When I travel, I will always pay for my own travels and living expenses, however, money is needed to carry out the projects.
So if you would like to help support global health, but you don’t know what to do, please go ahead and check out my initiative and decide if you wish to lend a helping hand.

You must wondering, Why should I help this initiative rather than other projects provided by other infamous organizations? Well, the idea behind my project is to work with small unreachable agencies, that would have an easily sustainable impact on the society. Also, I will be making a report mentioning every single step I take in the project, in addition to the assurance I give you that I will keep track of the donated money to be sure it goes to the people who need it.

If you can't afford donating money, no worries, you can still make a difference, in your own way. Think of what you can do to collect money on your own, with your own talents and abilities, or even come up with a project in your own circles. I will always be more than willing to help you.

Still think you don't have what it takes to help. Let me tell you about a friend I met during the project for medical care for Gaza, Ilka Mestdag. Ilka was able to organize a fund raising evening playing all kinds of music, collecting a total of 650 euros. This is one example of how you can use your own skills to support global health projects abroad.